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Rapid advancements in technology have heralded the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, and with this has come a whole host of new and exciting tech jobs. And while the doomsayers argue that the robots are here to take over, meaning huge numbers of jobs will become obsolete, we’re seeing first-hand how the technological revolution is fuelling – not removing – roles. So what areas within the highly niche semiconductors and components markets we serve are creating tech jobs?



Perhaps once viewed as a rather dull area with roles focusing largely on the physical side of car manufacturing, today the automotive sector is a hot bed for tech jobs. While the concept of driverless cars is still in its infancy, the market for connected cars is colossal. And as manufacturers increasingly strive to not only keep up with consumer demand, but also work on developing the next ‘big thing’ in car connectivity, the market for tech jobs will only gain pace. Automotive companies are increasingly seeking expertise to roll out technology covering safety, navigation, infotainment, diagnostics & efficiency and payments.

Roles include: embedded software architect and functional safety engineer, to technical product managers and system engineers.

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We’ve all heard of virtual and augmented reality and wearable tech – largely thanks to the huge emergence and take up of apps and games. This is just one area within optics that is driving significant demand for tech jobs. However optical and manufacturing companies are also behind the increased requirement for specialist optical expertise across many industries. The use of imaging products within the medical arena, and the development of microscopy and spectroscopy solutions for high performance light measuring solutions are other niche areas requiring highly niche tech expertise.

Roles include: optical thin film engineer, product installation engineer to optical design engineers.

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Software and Infrastructure

Software and telecoms companies on a global basis are not only having to contend with an ever advancing tech arena, but they are also having to work tirelessly to ensure they are protected from the huge threats posed by cyber-attacks. Consequently the skill sets required are ever more advanced and the market for tech jobs in this area is vast. And as big data, AI and automation, as well as the Internet of Things, all gain pace, employers will continue to be on the lookout for revolutionary crossover skills to ensure they remain completive in today’s and future markets.

Roles include: data scientists, big data architects through to cyber security professionals.

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Renewable Energy and Storage Solutions

When we talk about renewable energy the first images that spring to mind are often wind turbines and solar panels. And these environmentally friendly and cost efficient products will continue to require skilled professionals. However the latest trend pushing up demand for tech expertise is that technology is at the very heart of everything. The rise of hybrid systems that combine high power tech such as lithium-ion and long duration, high energy redox flow energy storage are all creating tech jobs on a global basis.

Roles include: GIS technicians, environmental analysts as well as aerodynamics specialists and oceanographers.

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