What is it like to work at MRL? – Carrie Graham

MRL Carrie Graham 2Recently we spoke with Harley Lorence on what is it like to work at MRL, as part of our series of Q&A’s to give insight about our culture and work ethic.

Harley said: “If you’re looking for a company that differs from the stereotypical image of an agency…then MRL is an obvious choice.”

We strive to create an environment where you can flourish and become a world class recruiter plus make a few friends along the way.

This time we speak to Carrie Graham. She joined MRL in 2016 after she relocated from Devon to Brighton. Carrie works in some pretty cutting edge sectors that are changing the way we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Read on to see what she had to say:

  1. What attracted you to work at MRL?

“I’d already been working in tech recruitment for a company in Devon for several years. And when I moved to Brighton last year I approached MRL as it is known to be a specialist in the area I am most passionate about – niche technology.

The interview stage at MRL is very good as it offers candidates the chance to meet several members of the team – not just management – so you can really get a feel for the culture and what career opportunities are available. The business is very professional and, unlike other agencies I have come across, there’s no room for big egos. It was this, and the opportunity to work within the cutting edge tech space, which made me choose MRL. And I haven’t been disappointed.”

  1. What do you enjoy most about your role?

“I think the best part of my role is being able to work in areas that I am genuinely passionate about – too few people can genuinely say that. It’s also very varied – no two days are the same – as I focus on placing a broad range of tech experts into areas such as optics, augmented reality, disruptive markets, electronics and capital equipment. I also like the freedom that we are given by the management team to enter new markets and diversify our offering.

This is particularly true within optics and I have had the chance to develop this area and bring in new clients for the business – something that is very satisfying. Many recruiters are restricted to what sectors and geographies they can focus on. That can’t be said for MRL – the management team is very supportive of anyone that wants to help expand the company and I have witnessed this first-hand.”

  1. What are the benefits like at MRL Group?

“The benefits on offer at MRL are great – I hadn’t even received a pension before I started here, let alone such a generous one! And new initiatives are always being added such as the ‘lunch of legends’ where everyone who has achieved their target for the quarter is taken out for a meal. The management team has also just launched ‘leave early Friday’ for those who have hit the monthly billing target – and to encourage the social side of MRL they even pick up the bar tab at the local pub we go to!

Our benefits package also focuses on the wellbeing of staff and really demonstrates the company’s commitment to retention. The sabbatical scheme is a good example of this and offers staff who have been here 5 years a month off fully paid. While I have a few more years until I can benefit from this, I’m certainly going to stick around to take advantage of it!”

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