New office space in Sophia Antipolis, France

Sophia Antipolis is our home in France, we’ve been nestled in the hills about 15 miles from Nice for 11 years now. Known for being the Silicon Valley of France, Jean-Baptiste heads up the growing team of dedicated tech consultants. However after a year in the current office it was time to find something bigger.

Like any office move, there were plans, discussions, ideas, needs, requirements, logistics, wants – but lucky for us we just moved to the floor below. Bigger, brighter, and fresher!

It’s taken a few months to get everything sorted but we are now officially in. A lot of people had their parts to play:

Kelly Robertson our Operations Manager did the administration.

Chris Swain our IT Manager flew out to get all the tech set up.

Jean-Baptiste Noree our Managing Director of Southern Europe did the planning.

The French Team helped with the small things (and a few large!) to make it homely.

We are wishing our French counter parts all the best in their new office! Check out what the new space below:

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