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Fintech The New Money Maker

Around the 6th century BCE, Alyattes, King of Lydia (modern day Turkey), produced the first officially standardised money – the coin. Then in the 7th century China made the first bank note under the Tang Dynasty. However the concept of modern money didn’t unify till the 11th century. For nearly a millennium money stayed the […]

Energy Storage - The Future - Recruitment

Energy Storage – The Future

To half-quote Chief Engineer, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, from Star Trek – “we just don’t have the power Captain!” Even in 2264 we knew there would still be a few issues with energy storage and distribution. However that was the 1960’s trying to look far into the future. These days we are seeing more ‘space age’ […]

Cybersecurity RecruitmeNT

The rise of cyber security is changing technical recruitment

The rise of cyber security Cyber security is a very real risk because of rapid advancements in daily technology, and the revolutionised way consumers access products and services. The devices we use to control our heating and home entertainment systems, the way we manage our personal finances and the way we drive our cars, has […]

New Office Sophia Antipolis France

New office space in Sophia Antipolis, France

Sophia Antipolis is our home in France, we’ve been nestled in the hills about 15 miles from Nice for 11 years now. Known for being the Silicon Valley of France, Jean-Baptiste heads up the growing team of dedicated tech consultants. However after a year in the current office it was time to find something bigger. Like any […]

Social Media for Recruitment

The top reasons technical recruiters must embrace social media

  At a time when the war for talent is raging and recruiters are increasingly struggling to find the right people at the right time and in the right place, it’s perhaps surprising that so few consultants are using social media to source and engage with candidates. With recent statistics from Glassdoor revealing that 79 […]

MRL - What it's like to work at MRL

What is it like to work at MRL? – Carrie Graham

Recently we spoke with Harley Lorence on what is it like to work at MRL, as part of our series of Q&A’s to give insight about our culture and work ethic. Harley said: “If you’re looking for a company that differs from the stereotypical image of an agency…then MRL is an obvious choice.” We strive to create an […]

MRL Consulting - Tech Jobs

The Top Areas For Tech Jobs

Rapid advancements in technology have heralded the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, and with this has come a whole host of new and exciting tech jobs. And while the doomsayers argue that the robots are here to take over, meaning huge numbers of jobs will become obsolete, we’re seeing first-hand how the technological revolution […]

How AI will change the role of technical recruiters

How AI will change the role of technical recruiters

‘The robots are coming for our jobs’ might be a phrase you’re all too familiar with. And the scaremongers out there would have us believe that we are destined to lose our jobs and be replaced with humanoids. So what’s the truth? Should we all be living in fear? And what impact will AI and […]

Top reasons to work in recruitment

The Top Reasons To Work In Recruitment

You may have seen some of our recent posts about what life at MRL is all about. We’ve touched on our unique culture, the benefits we have on offer, and we’ve also featured a Q&A with one of our team. But for those of you yet to be convinced, or who are considering a career […]