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The Top Areas For Tech Jobs

Rapid advancements in technology have heralded the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, and with this has come a whole host of new and exciting tech jobs. And while the doomsayers argue that the robots are here to take over, meaning huge numbers of jobs will become obsolete, we’re seeing first-hand how the technological revolution […]

How AI will change the role of technical recruiters

How AI will change the role of technical recruiters

‘The robots are coming for our jobs’ might be a phrase you’re all too familiar with. And the scaremongers out there would have us believe that we are destined to lose our jobs and be replaced with humanoids. So what’s the truth? Should we all be living in fear? And what impact will AI and […]

Top reasons to work in recruitment

The Top Reasons To Work In Recruitment

You may have seen some of our recent posts about what life at MRL is all about. We’ve touched on our unique culture, the benefits we have on offer, and we’ve also featured a Q&A with one of our team. But for those of you yet to be convinced, or who are considering a career […]

Contracting with MRL

The MRL blog choices for contracting

Being a leading technical recruitment company, we try to impart as much of our expertise to the market as possible. So we deliver vital recruiting knowledge, articles and tech trends to our clients and candidate communities on a weekly basis. We like to make sure we cover a wide range of tech topics and their relation to recruitment to give […]

Top 5 tech trends in recruitment

Top 5 tech trends creating future jobs

Our top 5 tech trends will show you what job rolls need filling in the latest markets before you know it. Gain insight on what you should be focusing your BizDev time on with our tech trends below. There’s no doubt that with constant innovation comes new and exciting technical roles. And while we have all read articles […]

Work at MRL

What is it like to work at MRL? – Harley Lorence

  We’ve blogged before about the opportunities at MRL, we’re quite well known for our culture at MRL but do you know what it is like to work at MRL? You know the day-to-day life of a recruitment consultant: the telephone calls with candidates and clients, looking through CV’s, writing job adverts, business development, meetings, […]

Contracting as a Career

Contracting as a career choice

Once seen as a way of filling the gaps between permanent jobs, today contracting as a career is a choice made by many. In fact recent data from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reveals that here in the UK 15% of those in work are self-employed. In the USA, figures from Intuit predict that […]

What can augmented reality in recruitment do?

Augmented Reality in Recruitment

Augmented reality in recruitment? It might seem like a crazy idea or maybe a bit far fetched but as the technology becomes more integrated and common place these types of technologies will be used everywhere. And while most people may think of Pokémon Go, its uses are far greater and can span nearly all sectors […]

Retention of Staff in Recruitment

What is the key to staff retention in recruitment?

There is no denying that the recruitment profession suffers from a high staff turnover rate. So what is the key to staff retention in recruitment? It would be foolish to suggest that it is simply because consultants aren’t up to the job. There are several factors at play with this conundrum – One being the […]