MRL Paris Trip 2017

Hove Team In Paris

On the 09/11/2017 the Hove team went to Paris for a day trip! With a 4 am alarm clock, there were a few weary faces at the station when we all met up, but a bit of coffee and the excitement of the day beginning to sink in everyone soon perked up! When we arrived […]

Rory Capon - What Is It Like To Work At MRL

What is it like to work at MRL – Rory Capon

From Germany to France and now back to the UK! This time we speak to Rory Capon our Hove based consultant who focuses on cloud, digital tech and fintech markets. Rory has been with MRL for over two years but has been in the recruitment sector for five. With a wealth of knowledge behind him, […]

The MRL Academy - Jan 18

The MRL Academy

We are reopening the MRL Academy! In January 2018 we will be taking on three new candidates and helping them through the Academy to turn them into consulting superstars. This innovative idea comes from wanting to help new professionals build a career in recruitment but might be finding it difficult to get into because of […]

Work at MRL - Anne Rinnert - Germany

What is it like to work at MRL – Anne Rinnert

In our last chat with the team at MRL, we spoke to our French consultant, Guillaume Almeras. Guillaume said “I often describe MRL as having a DNA, a culture, a thing that we all share between every employee…” Now from France to Germany, as we speak to Anne Rinnert. Anne is an ICT specialist and […]

MRL Sabbatical Project

The MRL Sabbatical Project

A few months ago we launched our MRL Sabbatical Project. The idea was to address the high burn out rate in recruitment. Something that consultants in the sector would be very familiar with! The long days can add up and before you know it, you’re spent! So hey-presto the Sabbatical Project was born. A unique benefit […]

Work at MRL - Guillaume Almeras - Nice

What is it like to work at MRL – Guillaume Alméras

Previously we spoke with Carrie Graham, our UK optics expert. Carrie said: “The opportunity to work within the cutting edge tech space made me choose MRL. And I haven’t been disappointed.” Next up in our series of talking with our consultants about their experiences of MRL, we cross the channel to France, and head south to […]

MRL Recruitment - GDPR

GPDR – the data heist | recruitment

These four letters could be sending shivers down your spine: GPDR The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018, leaving less than nine months for businesses to prepare and cleanse years’ worth of data. Companies across Europe are having the same reaction, as Executives scramble to prepare for the […]

LED Recruitment - MRL Consulting

Let there be Electromagnetic Waves (light)!

Lasers, lenses & prisms, electromagnetic; light can be manipulated in a manner of ways allowing us to utilise its waves and particles for our needs. Our control of light has come on a long way from simply a fire or a candle – becoming a $33.1 billion industry as of 2016 and it looks to […]

Automotive Recruitment MRL

Gear Change – Automotive Connectivity

The automotive industry has seen an absolutely radical change in the last decade. With connected cars being the norm for the current wave of new automotives being created, it begs the questions what will be the next change for vehicles after a connected car looks like Fred Flintstone’s foot pedal, stone and wood, contraption. The main […]

10 reasons to work with us - MRL Consulting Group

10 reasons to work at MRL

In the recruitment sector burn out is rife! As a consultant, you work incredibly long hours. Not only must you be at your desk for the standard working hours – you also need to be around after or before 9-5, to speak to potential candidates at their leisure. And if that time doesn’t suit them, sometimes you […]