Retention of Staff in Recruitment

What is the key to staff retention in recruitment?

There is no denying that the recruitment profession suffers from a high staff turnover rate. So what is the key to staff retention in recruitment? It would be foolish to suggest that it is simply because consultants aren’t up to the job. There are several factors at play with this conundrum – One being the […]

20 Years of Recruiting Excellence

MRL: 20 Years of Recruiting Excellence

In 1997 we started a yet unknown company called Microscape Recruitment Ltd (now known as MRL), setting out to offer the highest levels of specialist recruitment in the technology industry. 20 years on, we now have 3 offices in Europe: Hove, Dresden and Sophia Antipolis delivering the perfect fit candidates in semiconductors and components, software […]

Smart Meter Opportunities In Energy

The smart meters sector: a hotbed for career opportunities in energy

With estimates suggesting that global utility companies will invest $24.3 billion in 2017 on smart meters alone, there’s no denying that the industry is a major player in the energy field. And thanks to advancements in technology, the rapidly evolving arena offers a plethora of career opportunities for professionals across the globe. The evolution of […]

Connected Cars

Connected cars are changing the automotive industry

The connected cars industry is colossal and you’d be hard pressed to find any driver that doesn’t have some form of technology in their car. Manufacturers simply aren’t producing vehicles without an element of connectivity. and it all started in the early 90’s when General Motors first launched ‘OnStar’ a telematics system which arranged emergency […]


Digital skills in banking

Look back ten years and banking looks almost archaic from what it is today. Retail banks are having to adapt and respond to a world where technology has to be integrated into services but the digital skills in banking is lacking. The days of having to visit a branch each time they use a service […]

The myth of flex-time in recruitment

The myth of flexi time in recruitment

Many talk about being flexi time in recruitment but as an employee does this actually translate into workplace practices? Unfortunately sometimes it becomes a bit of a myth. There is a culture of working very long hours with not much respite for home life. We think that employees are people and not numbers on a […]