Retention of Staff in Recruitment

What is the key to staff retention in recruitment?

There is no denying that the recruitment profession suffers from a high staff turnover rate. So what is the key to staff retention in recruitment? It would be foolish to suggest that it is simply because consultants aren’t up to the job. There are several factors at play with this conundrum – One being the […]

20 Years of Recruiting Excellence

MRL: 20 Years of Recruiting Excellence

In 1997 we started a yet unknown company called Microscape Recruitment Ltd (now known as MRL), setting out to offer the highest levels of specialist recruitment in the technology industry. 20 years on, we now have 3 offices in Europe: Hove, Dresden and Sophia Antipolis delivering the perfect fit candidates in semiconductors and components, software […]

MRL - Graduate Recruitment Scheme 2

MRL – Graduate Recruitment Scheme

The MRL – Graduate Recruitment Scheme helps train young professionals and graduates with technical degrees into world class consultants. With so much negative coverage recently regarding the high levels of graduate unemployment in the UK it would be easy to believe that career prospects for recent university leavers are far from bright. However this bleak […]