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This time we speak to Rory Capon our Hove based consultant who focuses on cloud, digital tech and fintech markets. Rory has been with MRL for over two years but has been in the recruitment sector for five.

With a wealth of knowledge behind him, he looks after some pretty high tech clients changing our digital touch points globally. With such an array of complex clients, he deals with some quite niche roles – most that aren’t even deemed as a common place job.

Have a read what Rory had to say about his time at MRL, and what he thinks are the most enjoyable parts of recruitment, and where he sees the industry is going in the future…

1. So what is it like to work at MRL?

From the initial interview to date, I knew MRL was different from other recruitment companies that I had worked for and spoken with and that was purely down to the culture! MRL has a think big, think fast and get things done attitude, but in a mature environment where you’re free to build and develop your business within a business. David and all the management team provide all the support needed, when you need it, but you’re given the freedom to build your desk without having eyes over your shoulder every minute of the day checking up on you.

2. Why did you select a career in recruitment?

I started my working life in the construction industry and when the recession hit the building trade was turned upside down for a long period, so I decided to take a complete change in what I wanted to do for a profession. I knew recruitment was something I wanted to do because I enjoyed dealing and speaking with people to help solve their problems – and I haven’t looked back since. There’s nothing better, in my opinion, then solving client’s problems in finding the best talent on the market and finding candidates their next career move that they might not have been necessarily looking for. Other than that obviously the financial rewards are incredible!

3. What do you think makes MRL different?

From day one MRL have always taught me the importance of pro-active recruitment over re-active recruitment. MRL uses both new and old recruitment methodologies to make sure we’re delivering to our client’s needs, instead of simply posting a job ad or calling through some inbound applicants.

4. Which part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Other than closing deals and getting the right candidates in front of clients, I enjoy getting out of the office and meeting people in my industry. When you get to meet people you’ve helped out or are in the process of helping, there’s something magical about meeting them that helps build a much stronger working relationship that can’t always be achieved over the phone.

5. Where do you see the recruitment sector going?

The recruitment sector is already a highly candidate driven market, certainly in the Enterprise Software space, and I believe it’s going to become even more so moving forward. Top talent is in incredibly high demand and our clients quite rightly demand the best. This is compounded by the fact that good people who are actively looking are few and far between. The need for specialist recruitment consultants is not going to go away and if consultants can be highly pro-active instead of re-active to their candidate sourcing approaches, then clients will always value that and the outcome will be beneficial for all parties, client-candidate-consultant.

If you want to work with MRL get in touch, we are currently hiring across our European offices. Call us on +44 (0) 123 320 860 or email us. Alternatively, follow us on social media to keep up to date with MRL and recruitment news.

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