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Armonie joined MRL over a year ago and in our French office within the Semiconductor sector. Working with Guillaume Almeras

  • What attracted you to take a recruitment role at MRL?

I was looking for a recruitment role in general, whether internal HR roles, for contracting agencies or head hunters.

I was already advanced in a process with a contracting agency when I received feedback from MRL. I went to the interview thinking that it would be the occasion to have a first contact but nothing more. After a first meeting with Jean-Baptiste and Guillaume on a Friday, I was completely sold to MRL!

I left being unable to spot any drawbacks: an international company, targeting a high-tech market which I had everything to learn about and most of all, the team looked genuinely happy to be working together. I came back the following Monday to sign my contract and it was a done deal. 

  • You’ve now been with us for over a year, what insights have you gained? 

I believe that every successful recruitment begins with a lot of listening. You need to understand the deep reasons why your candidate could be willing to move, what type of missions can be challenging for them, what environment makes them bloom and mostly where they are in their personal goals. Only then are you able to present them with the right opportunity.

Recruitment is so intricately emotional that no decision is 100% based on rationality and what the “CV” looks like. It’s hard to check all of the boxes but understanding the emotional mind-set of your candidate is as important as their CV if you want the partnership to work out.   

  • How would you describe the culture at MRL? 

Everyone has its own style but we are all turned to one similar goal: make the office work! 

I feel like we are all genuinely happy for everyone to succeed on their own accounts, there is no misplaced competition. 

We all have objectives and are focused to reach them. Months are more or less successful, times are more or less cheerful but the mind-set is always to be as helpful with others as possible, and be there to cheer-up whoever needs it.

  • Can you give us some highlights of your time with us so far? 

Of course, each placement is a great sense of accomplishment! 

I also love the feeling of listening to a candidate and get the “oh my god (s)he’s a perfect fit for the role!” and hear their own enthusiasm when you expose them the job. Anytime a candidate says “you’re not like the other recruitment companies, you really listened to my concerns/wishes” is a sheer moment of happiness.

In the French office we get along really well and never a day goes by without its pile of jokes! Those are “day-to-day” joys but they are so important, as this is such a difficult job with so many factors that can kill a deal along the way…

On a more “festive note”, I loved the annual meet-up we had in Portugal, which reinforced the sense of belonging to the MRL family. It also was a great year in terms of results so we’ve been spoiled! 

  • What would you say to others considering a career at MRL?  

Recruitment is hard work but MRL makes it easier through the support, training and mentality. I’ve never felt alone or let aside when times were harder (and those will happen!).

Whether you’re a recruitment star or a recruiter-to-be and you enjoy being part of a team, I feel like MRL is the place to be!

  • Something that we ask everyone, where do you see the recruitment sector going?

As I only have a baby year of recruitment behind, I’m not sure I am well placed to give any input on that. We are just coming back from Electronica though and it was absolutely buzzing! It looks like so many opportunities are happening at the moment, it’s clearly a dynamic and interesting time for recruitment!

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