MRL Client Choice


We help clients to achieve their corporate goals by helping them to hire the best available candidates in the market.  We also help to streamline and improve hiring strategies, increase efficiency and effectiveness and speed up the recruitment process.

As a result our clients see us as a valuable and trusted extension of their internal recruitment function.

Due to MRL’s niche approach and level of expertise, we maintain one of the most specialised, active databases of contacts in the industry, populated by inter­national, highly-skilled potential employees.

This gives us a consistently up-to-date picture of where the industry’s most talented individuals are located, keeping us at the cutting edge of recruitment and able to find you the best candidates, fast.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Permanent and Contract
  • Response handling, assessment and short listing
  • Interviewing facilities
  • Psychometric profiling
  • Media and campaign planning
  • Salary surveys
  • Agency management/RPO
  • Large-scale multi-national projects

Our Recruitment Services

Executive Search

As headhunting specialists we do not just target candidates who are already on the market. We proactively identify professionals who are “passive” (not actively seeking a new role) but fit a client’s requirements exactly.

With an established network of industry contacts in each sector, we’re ideally placed to seek out high calibre individuals quickly, discretely and accurately.

Our wide-ranging, international executive search capabilities mean MRL’s consultants are often able to provide a list of potential candidates that remain out of reach to our competitors.

Our specialist consultants can provide a shortlist of exceptional candidates, headhunted specifically for the role, typically within four to six weeks of being mandated.

If you’d like to talk to us about executive headhunting, please contact our experts shown to the right.

Contingency Recruitment

Since 1997 MRL has worked tirelessly to build a vast database of industry specific, qualified candidates.  This data is constantly reviewed and refreshed and allows us to offer a fast response contingency service.  Contingency recruitment is often the first port of call in the hiring process, but if the best person for the job isn’t available via this method you can be sure that Executive Search will provide the solution.

Advertised Selection

MRL is hugely experienced in planning, managing and executing high-impact advertised selection campaigns on a national and international basis.  We will take the entire burden of the campaign off your hands and manage the process in a cost efficient and professional manner.  We are experienced and skilful copywriters and advert designers, know which are the most appropriate media to use locally and internationally, negotiate competitive advertising rates on your behalf, handle the response, interview and shortlist and, in brief, will make the entire process swift and easy for you.  Advertisements can be run with your branding or ‘undercover’, depending upon the level of confidentiality you require.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

MRL offers an on-site Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Managed Service Programme which will be tailored to suit all of your recruitment requirements.

The RPO Managed Service Programme is where we become the primary single contact for all recruitment activities and contact with other suppliers.  MRL will operate as the main supplier and engage second tier suppliers on a selective PSL to provide non core MRL disciplines and also where, after carrying out database searching, networking and Digital Marketing advertising, MRL are unable to supply.  If there are roles where MRL believe we may be unable to source a particular skill ourselves we will engage second tier suppliers immediately.

We will provide a single point of contact to manage the on-site service on your behalf. Vacancies will be filled either by our dedicated team of Consultants supporting this project or by the relevant Recruitment Divisions using our core contingency, fee-on-success service or by using second tier suppliers.

Through adopting this approach, you will benefit from working with a dedicated resource to access the broad range of services offered by MRL. This provides a flexible recruitment solution involving:

Tier 1 –Permanent Recruitment

MRL will commence its standard database, network and market research to recruit from their resources to fill vacancies and, if appropriate, engage second tier suppliers.

Tier 2 – Contract Recruitment

At your discretion a contract resource (interim) can be provided to fill an urgent need whilst Tier 1, Tier 3 or Tier 4 actions are being carried out.

Tier 3 – Search & Selection (S&S)

At your discretion a Search & Selection project can be initiated.

Tier 4 – International Projects

At your discretion a focussed International project can be initiated either concurrent with, or instead of Tiers 1 – 3 to source candidates across Europe where it is agreed that the local markets will not yield the success required.

MRL’s proposed responsibilities will be:

  • Requirement registration control, verification and authorisation;
  • Database search and networking;
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising;
  • Supplier engagement and control;
  • CV receipt and screening;
  • Candidate telephone screening;
  • Interview co-ordination;
  • Face-to-face interviewing;
  • Interviewing with Line Managers, as required;
  • Candidate evaluation;
  • Job offer co-ordination – if required;
  • Co-ordination of start dates.

Activities that can also be undertaken if required include:

  • Printed media advertising;
  • Remuneration package structuring;
  • Candidate final interviewing and offer decisions;
  • Formal job offers;
  • References;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • Start-up induction.

Digital Campaigns

Our Digital Marketing Campaigns are run against a single high profile vacancy, or a number of vacancies for a client, often with exclusivity over competitors over a short time-frame or as a generic advertisement for a high profile project to attract a steady stream of highly skilled and hard to source candidates who can be placed almost immediately into a number of clients or against a variety of vacancies.

Digital Marketing Campaigns can comprise the following:

  • Auto posts out to jobs boards aggregators and jobs boards which carry in-built URL links straight back to our website.
  • A single vacancy or a number of vacancies posted to our website as the primary source ‘hub’ and which have the following ‘outriders’ and optimisation elements
  • Social Media Links via Tweet Deck (Twitter and Linked In), Twitter Feeds, Xing, Face Book  and other multi-post functions across our social media network which is instantaneous. Each individual vacancy might also have a short search optimised video talking about the opportunity which also links back to You Tube.
  • A Blog Post which in turn has links directly to either specific vacancies as listed in the blog or as a pre-set job search results page for a number of vacancies. The blog post will use our built-in SEO and keywords to promote it.
  • Pay Per Click to promote the Blog and the vacancies individually or as a group of vacancies with a set of specific keywords to ensure a Google ranked page one presence.
  • Targeted e-messages and e-bulletins featuring the individual job ads and the blog post again linking back to the vacancies posted on our website.

Contract & Interim Recruitment

Our Contract & Interim division offers immediate short-term hiring solutions across all our business areas.  Some roles are always destined to be Contract or Interim, others are so urgent that you cannot wait for a permanent employee to become available.  Either way, MRL is able to help, providing experienced candidates with exactly the right skills who can start immediately.

We have qualified candidates and experience of Contract & Interim recruitment within the following market areas:

  • Risk and Regulatory
  • Insurance
  • IT and Banking Technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Automotive & Transportation Technologies
  • Lighting Technology
  • Smart Energy
  • ICT

With teams of recruiters based in the UK and Germany we are able to provide these services in any European country immediately.