Meet The Team

Jean-Baptiste Noree

Managing Director - Southern Europe

  • Standort France
  • Industrie Halbleiter, Automotive

JB is the Managing Director of our office in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France.

JB graduated in 2000 from Skema Business School and started his career as a pre-sales consultant in the Software industry in Paris. In January 2002, he moved to England and joined David’s team at MRL – Microscape Recruitment at the time – as a junior Recruitment Consultant for the French and Southern-European markets. After a few years of successfully building a semiconductor desk, JB transferred to the South of France to set up a new office for MRL and build a team. He is now leading an office of his own to cover the Southern-European region with a focus on microelectronics, software and embedded solutions.

JB is a passionate and energetic character who appreciates all the good things in life. The Côte d’Azur was the perfect spot for him to start his new life in France; the beach in summer, the mountains in winter and some great food and wines all year round – what’s not to love!

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