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At MRL, your expectations exist to be exceeded.

We are a global leading recruitment specialist for niche tech. We strive to go above and beyond in recruitment and that’s the way we’ve worked since 1997. Whether we are delivering businesses new talent or helping candidates meet their career aspirations, we always provide the highest level of service. Our meticulous approach to identification, understanding requirements and delivery means we are trusted by some of the biggest tech names across the world.

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Our award-winning capability of bringing you the best talent in the industry is thanks to our extensive networks and knowledge of our niche markets making us a high-level and proactive search partner. Our proficiency for delivering tailored staffing from highly confidential searches for strategic positions to immediate contingency solutions is based on our specialised teams, our unrivalled database and our tireless determination to providing Recruiting Excellence. 

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We’ve built a database of over 500,000 active, highly-skilled tech professionals.

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Alongside our process and structure, our working culture is crucial to our consistently high performance. Our approach ensures we always provide exceptional people, offer genuine industry expertise and operate at the highest level. 

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What is it like to work at MRL – Guillaume Alméras

Next up in our series of talking with our consultants about their experiences of MRL, we cross the channel to France and head south to Sophia Antipolis in Nice. This time we are talking to Guillaume Alméras – Senior...

How Manufacturing Technology Is Changing Capital Equipment Jobs

The fourth industrial revolution is what we have to thank for it. No longer does it take hours, days and in some cases weeks to craft an object. We can simply push a button, or two, and begin a process that will create a complete product...

The Future of Software and Infrastructure Roles

In a current study carried out by LinkedIn, new insights were found on the influx of software roles that have increased over last year. The software sector, as a whole, as seen a 650% increase in jobs since 2012. With current job...

What is it like to work at MRL – Rory Capon

With a wealth of knowledge behind him, he looks after some pretty high tech clients changing our digital touch points globally. With such an array of complex clients, he deals with some quite niche roles – most that aren’t...

What is it like to work at MRL – Anne Rinnert

Now from France to Germany, as we speak to Anne Rinnert. Anne is an ICT specialist and been with us since February 2016. With a Masters in Economics, Management and Administration along with a strong technology background she has been...

Let There Be Electromagnetic Waves

Lasers, lenses & prisms, electromagnetic; light can be manipulated in a manner of ways allowing us to utilise its waves and particles for our needs. Our control of light has come on a long way from simply a fire or a candle –...

Gear Change in Automotive Connectivity

Auto – Autos So what is going to rev up the automotive industry in the years to come? Well first on everyone’s lips is the autonomous vehicle. We are years away from seeing them become commercially viable and common place....

The Future of Energy Storage

Energy is everywhere and everything, and as we become more connected, smart and reliant on technology we are going to need to find ways to harness more energy to survive. Unfortunately we crossed the “Overshoot Day” on August...

What Is It Like To Work At MRL - Harley Lorence

So we sat down with Harley Lorence this week to ask him a few questions about his life at MRL and why it’s different. Harley joined the business back in 2012 as a consultant. Today, he manages a team of three which...

Consolidation In The Semiconductor Market - What It Means For Jobs

The drive for consolidation within the industry has been fuelled by several key factors- some commentators, for example, have attributed much of the reported activity to slow growth within end-use equipment markets such as PCs, tablets...

Smart Meters - The New Energy Career

The evolution of smart metering In 2016 the number of electricity and gas smart meters installed was 700 million, demonstrating the colossal scale of the industry.  Historically, North America has been at the forefront of...

Connected Cars Are Changing The Automotive Industry

Connected cars are now the norm, but like with any technology, there is always room for enhancement. So what’s next? Whilst still in their infancy, driveless cars is the destination automotives will take and this will most likely...

The First Choice for Electrical Contractors - LEDs

  John Maisel who published the findings said: “The more we educate [electrical contractors] on the technology and opportunities in the multibillion dollar LED market that’s growing more than 30 percent per year,...

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