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At MRL, your expectations exist to be exceeded.

We are a global leading recruitment specialist for niche tech. We strive to go above and beyond in recruitment and that’s the way we’ve worked since 1997. Whether we are delivering businesses new talent or helping candidates meet their career aspirations, we always provide the highest level of service. Our meticulous approach to identification, understanding requirements and delivery means we are trusted by some of the biggest tech names across the world.

Recruiting Excellence

Our award-winning capability of bringing you the best talent in the industry is thanks to our extensive networks and knowledge of our niche markets making us a high-level and proactive search partner. Our proficiency for delivering tailored staffing from highly confidential searches for strategic positions to immediate contingency solutions is based on our specialised teams, our unrivalled database and our tireless determination to providing Recruiting Excellence. 

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We’ve built a database of over 500,000 active, highly-skilled tech professionals.

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Success-driven standards

Alongside our process and structure, our working culture is crucial to our consistently high performance. Our approach ensures we always provide exceptional people, offer genuine industry expertise and operate at the highest level. 

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