Meet The Team

Cherry Crowe

Account Manager

  • Localisation Brighton
  • Marche Semi-conducteurs et composants

Cherry Crowe joined us this year in May (2023). With no previous recruitment experience, but extensive sales experience as a former aftersales consultant at Mercedes-Benz. She has hit the ground running and has been an excellent addition to our team in Hove.

In her continuous journey of personal development, Cherry has found herself increasingly fond of podcasts and books. Cherry is a frequent hiker and traveller as she enjoys breaks away from the hustle and bustle of city life to experience other cultures and cuisines. 

Cherry is passionate about women in sales, successful women, and the female empowerment movement, to which she wants to become an advocate and spokesperson.

Here’s a few words from Cherry herself:

 "My goal is to be successful, achieve my personal financial targets and inspire people in difficult situations. I want to showcase that you can truly build yourself from nothing to success, I think that's so important to show people. There are a lot of people in this world who would benefit from a bit of direction, as there's so much untapped potential in us all."