What is it like to work at MRL – Anne Rinnert

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Now from France to Germany, as we speak to Anne Rinnert. Anne is an ICT specialist and been ...

Now from France to Germany, as we speak to Anne Rinnert. Anne is an ICT specialist and been with us since February 2016.

With a Masters in Economics, Management and Administration along with a strong technology background she has been a great asset to our Dresden office.

Staying within technology Anne moved out of the telecoms market and into recruiting. See what she has to say about MRL and the future of recruitment below…

1. Why did you choose MRL?

I used to work for a large telecommunication group and when I decided to leave I felt my next company should be a modern one. I wanted to get to know what working in this type of environment was like, so MRL was the perfect fit. Here I have the chance to control the whole process of my working day and I don’t have to ask hundreds of people before I can change something. I have the space for my own ideas and it is far easier to implement them.

2. Which division do you look after?

When I first started at MRL I used to work in the automotive sector. But I soon realized this wasn’t the right a fit for me. After some quick rejigging, we find out that the ICT division was a far stronger match.

I like the technological elements and mostly I like my clients and candidates. Another aspect is the actual positions I cover. As they have a wide range of skills and unique roles, it’s always different. From a junior developer taking his first steps on the career ladder up to VP or SVP positions. All roles have their own challenges and their own personalities which makes filling them so exciting.

3. How do you find the working environment?

The working environment is really good, you can speak free about different topics, and furthermore we have flat hierarchies.

Also we do lots of activities after work and spend time together outside of the office. So we are not just colleagues, we’re friends. In both the good and bad times you can rely on the team to be there. Nevertheless, I always have the whole team behind me, who support each other continually.

4. What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best thing about my role is that I have control. I give advice to my customers and candidates, I prepare candidates for their interviews and can help them to get a better job.

Another other good aspect is that I can try new things and it is possible for me to implement new ideas.

5. Where do you see the recruitment sector going?

Recently many aspects to recruitment have changed.

Recruitment needs to be more individual and it needs to find new ways to recruit people. Candidates gets up to 15 Xing and LinkedIn messages per week so why they should answer me? There are up to 15,000 open vacancies in the ICT sector at StepStone so why they should work with a headhunter?

Xing and LinkedIn are good for first contact but there are many more channels like the classic headhunting, tools, conferences, platforms and different communities to gain a job. The recruiting sector has to try these channels and to explore them to survive.

With this candidates and clients will want to have one on one contact with a person. They’ll need a consultant which has the technical expertise and really good knowledge of recruitment so they have a consultant they can rely on.

So what I see for the future of recruitment will be that it changes from quantity, to individual and specialized quality.

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