Meet The Team

Greg Horne

Director, IT Recruitment

  • Industry none, none

Greg Horne is a veteran of the recruitment industry with over 28 years of experience, having started when Cobol was the programming language of the moment, Y2K threatened to drop planes out of the sky and IR35 wasn’t even a thing. He has worked with clients in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia as well as running international campaigns that required him to work in places like Sydney, Bahrain and Dubai. 

Greg has been with MRL since 2016. In his spare time, when not doing (bad) DIY, mowing the lawn or helping the kids with their homework, he’s either walking the dog, out mountain biking or sitting in the hot tub, reading a book. Greg loves cooking especially whilst quaffing a nice red wine and listening to music. Greg hates injustice, people who are unkind and Brighton and Hove Albion losing.