Meet The Team

Lewis Taylor


  • Location Brighton
  • Industry Automotive

We're thrilled to introduce the newest member of our MRL family, Lewis Taylor, joining our dynamic Automotive & Transportation team in Hove, UK.

Lewis steps into our world with over five years of recruitment prowess, including three dedicated years in the Automotive & Motorsport sector. His expertise? Connecting engineering teams with top-tier clients across the globe. At MRL, he's already translating this experience into an array of high-quality recruitment strategies.

But Lewis brings more than just skills to the table. His bright, can-do attitude is nothing short of infectious, quickly earning him the reputation as one of the most approachable and coolest members of our team.

We're excited to have Lewis on board and can't wait to see how his career flourishes with MRL. His journey with us is just revving up, and we're all geared up to watch him accelerate to new heights!

Welcome aboard, Lewis!