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Our case for a four-day working week

  • Why we did it?
  • What happened over the 6 months?
  • What we learned?
  • What happens next?
  • Find out why we wanted to trial a 4-day working week and the reasons behind the experiment 

  • We have outlined everything that happened during the 4-day working week trial....good and bad. 

  • It's safe to say that we have learned a lot whilst trialing a 4-day working week. We have outlined each in our downloadable guide. 

  • Now that the trial is over, do we continue a 4 day week or go back to normal? Download our guide to find out.

  • Our case for a four-day working week

    Our case for a four-day working week

    The first question anyone wants to ask us about the four-day week process is why? Why let your employees keep all the benefits they enjoy and allow them to only work from Monday to Thursday? Download our guide to find out the results

Download this resource


Our case for a four-day working week

  • 5 pages, 2.1MB, pdf
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