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Augmented reality in recruitment? It might seem like a crazy idea or maybe a bit far fetched but as the technology becomes more integrated and common place these types of technologies will be used everywhere. And while most people may think of Pokémon Go, its uses are far greater and can span nearly all sectors from real estate and retail through to healthcare and education…yes, even recruitment.

The growth of AR

The phrase augmented reality (AR) was first coined back in 1968 when Ivan Sutherland created the first head mounted display system, then in 1982 we saw the first mainstream appearance of AR when Dan Reitan developed RADAR augmented reality for television broadcasters. By 1996, Myron Krueger created the first AR experience known as the Artificial Reality Lab where users interacted with each other in a room through silhouettes displayed on a screen. In the years since, advancements in technology have enabled augmented reality to develop and expand into a multi-billion pound industry. So even though the concept isn’t new at all, the past few years has seen a resurgence in popularity for AR – thanks in part to the new standard for mobile tech, the smartphone and tablet.

Thanks to the evolving mobile technologies and ever greater demand for blending life with technology, AR has become far more mainstream. We believe that it won’t be long before its use is adopted widely throughout not only the recruitment process – enabling a far greater candidate experience – but also the working environment. So what could augmented reality in recruitment be used for?

Communicating an employer brand

The development of robust candidate value propositions are now even more commonplace. Businesses are reinvesting heavily in to their brand to ensure they communicate themselves in a compelling way to potential employees. And some companies have been using virtual reality as a vehicle to do this. The everyday use of smartphones in jobseekers’ lives, means that using augmented reality in recruitment processes to demonstrate the benefits of a business in an interactive way is the next logical and fun step. Employers are already developing apps which allow candidates to point their phone at an office to find out about its culture, vacancies and current employees in an exciting and engaging way.

The recruitment process

While historically candidates might have gained insight into a position or company by reading ‘a day in the life’ article, these are now very a very old fashioned way of doing things. Looking at employee testimonials and researching the company online via sites like Glassdoor, augmented reality could take this to a completely different level. Recruitment apps that not only offer much more insight into an employer and its people, but also allow a candidate to take a tour of the office by simply pointing their phone at a logo, computer or door.

We could also see candidates invited in for an interview given the opportunity to interact with the office. This will give them the ability to collect more insight into the role, the people they will meet and virtually explore the business. Today’s jobseekers, particularly millennials, want a far more interactive experience, and those companies that take this on board will be able to position their brand far more effectively no matter the touch point.

On boarding and training

When new starters join a business they are often given an induction manual to read and a training schedule covering their first few weeks, AR could mean that these are delivered in a more inventive way. People take in information far better if they can live and breathe an experience and visualise concepts so developing training schemes that are interactive will add more value to the participant and therefor the company. AR apps will also enable more collaboration so employees in multiple offices could take part in training sessions – enabling greater knowledge sharing and upskilling for employees.

The future

While augmented reality is already being used across many sectors – we are yet to see its full potential of augmented reality in recruitment. However as more and more companies realise the value it can add, and technology advances, as well as a drop in price, we have no doubt that the future of recruitment is set to change substantially.

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