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For over 27 years, our team at MRL has worked closely with clients to recruit professionals across the ATMaas | POS | EFT niche on both a permanent and contract basis. Whether you're looking for a new role yourself, or to fill any role across this niche sector, our team is poised to provide clients in the space with the highest level of service and industry knowledge.

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Recruiting Excellence

Previous Successful Placements

  • ATMaas | POS | EFT Administrator
  • ATMaas | POS | EFT Consultant
  • ATMaas | POS | EFT Developer
  • ATMaas | POS | EFT Tester
  • ATMaas | POS | EFT Test Analyst

We specialise in hiring for mid-senior level positions in the ATMaas | POS | EFT niche across the contract and permanent landscape. With over 250,000 professionals within our network, we can source the perfect candidate for your organisation, or find you the best next step in your career.

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