Recruiting for Values in the Electric Vehicle Industry

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There has been a growing demand for talent in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. As the tec...

There has been a growing demand for talent in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. As the technology has evolved and vehicle performance improved, consumer uptake has surged. Forbes predicts that global EV sales could hit 17 million in 2024, meaning that more than one in every five cars sold worldwide will be electric. While this is incredible news for the industry, it also means increasing recruitment pressures. Ultimately, this is leading to some manufacturers recruiting for values to ensure they hire the right people for their company.

Understanding Values-Based Recruitment for the EV Industry

What is values-based recruitment?

When you are recruiting for values, it means that you place a spotlight on the specific values that matter to your business, using them to identify the candidates that best fit with your culture, ethics, and standards.

What is the value of values-based recruitment?

By focusing on these core values, it becomes easier for you to recruit the “right” people for your team. This means that you don’t just get the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to answer the immediate needs of your business, but you get the staff that are more likely to stick with you and grow with your company. In the longer term, this can positively impact productivity, team morale, employee engagement, and the general working environment.

How do you begin recruitment based on values?

There are five key steps to bring values into your recruitment processes.

1.      Identifying your values.

Within the wider EV community, the core values will usually include innovation, sustainability, customer focus, and integrity. But there will also be principles that are specific to your brand. And it’s important to keep those in mind while searching for the best candidates. So, take time to pinpoint what matters to your business, and what values you are looking for from your candidates for each particular role. And don’t forget that the focus here is not on qualifications.  

2.      Bring your values into your business.

If you want to attract a certain kind of candidate, your business needs to embody the values that you are seeking. So, in your advertising, content, social media, and in-house branded material, those values need to be seen and respected. They need to become a part of your culture.  

3.      Include your values in your recruitment advertising.

If something matters to your company, prospective employees need to know about it. So, let them know how your values apply to your business. How they impact their role. And what they can do to help further cement those values within the business.

4.      Assess the qualities you need at an interview.

This can be hard to achieve. And it’s why a lot of businesses depend on pre-interview testing – psychometric, situational judgment. But you can also ask values-based questions. And this can help you to find out what matters to each candidate. And whether their values fit in with yours.

5.      Work with professional recruitment consultancies.

If you’re looking for meaningful insights into your candidates, professional recruitment services can be a better solution. Highly experienced in candidate assessment, they can help you to ascertain what’s driving your applicants, assessing their professional qualifications and experience while gaining more personal insights into personalities. This can help you to make clearer decisions over how an individual may fit within your team dynamic. As well as whether their values will complement your business.

Values-based recruitment is gaining traction across all industries. But in a sector, like EV production and development, where sustainability and ethics play such a significant role, it perhaps carries even greater worth.

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