The Future Of Charging Infrastructure: Job Opportunities In EV Charging

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The Future of Charging Infrastructure: Job Opportunities in EV ChargingThe erstwhile argumen...

The Future of Charging Infrastructure: Job Opportunities in EV Charging

The erstwhile argument against electric vehicle (EV) adoption was always a lack of charging provisions. For years, there simply weren’t enough charging facilities, but that is changing. At the end of January 2024, there were 55,301 EV charging points across the UK, in 31,445 charging locations. That’s an increase of 46% since January 2023. This not only represents progress but also potential.

What Job Opportunities Will the Expanding EV Charging Infrastructure Bring?

There are three main areas of opportunity for anyone looking to begin a career in the EV charging sector.


EVs are in a state of near-constant evolution right now. As the technology evolves within the vehicles, the charging technology needs to develop too. This means that there are an increasing number of job opportunities for tech specialists, scientists, and engineers within the research and development departments of the EV sector, Including charging.


If the EV charging station infrastructure is to grow, new sites need to be developed and equipment installed. For this, designers, construction workers, and electricians are needed. Infrastructure development companies will also be called upon to assess the best placement of charging stations in order to provide the most benefit to local communities.


Of course, once you have the new EV charging stations in place, you need people to maintain and support their ongoing operations. For this, you need technicians to manage equipment servicing and repair. And you need network administrators to monitor the functionality and performance of each charging point. Ensuring that every charging point within every charging station is as reliable and efficient as it possibly can be.

The EV market isn’t just growing in the UK. In 2023, an estimated 25% more EVs were sold worldwide than in the previous year. Roughly one in every seven cars sold across the world is now electric. And yet the infrastructure to support them is still not there in many countries. In 2021, 10 EU countries did not have a single EV charging point per 100km of road. While this isn’t great news for EV owners, it does mean that the infrastructure has dramatic growth ahead. And that means masses of potential for anyone looking to bring their skills to the market.

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