The Surge In Electric Vehicle Jobs: Opportunities & Trends

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The Surge in Electric Vehicle Jobs: Opportunities and TrendsThe demand for electric vehicles...

The Surge in Electric Vehicle Jobs: Opportunities and Trends

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased significantly throughout the last decade. This is due to a range of factors – improved technology, better infrastructure, enhanced choice, lower costs, and the impact of fluctuating fuel prices. This shift in demand brings a number of benefits, positively impacting the environment and the economy while opening up some exciting opportunities. Which is why we’re seeing so many electric vehicle industry jobs coming onto the market.

What Opportunities and Trends Are We Seeing in EV Recruitment?

Software Developers

In order to get more customers to make the move into the EV market, the driving experience has to be beyond that delivered by traditional motors. That’s where Software Developers are finding themselves massively in demand. Influencing everything from battery management and brake systems to acceleration and overall vehicle performance, software is the beating heart of the EV industry. Without software, EV performance can’t advance. So, if you’ve got the skills – even without direct industry experience – there will probably be a place for you.

Electrical Engineers

Along with Software Developers, Electrical Engineers are one of the most highly sought-after professionals in the EV industry right now. Brake and battery management are among the most important elements of EV development. While strides have been made in this area in recent years, there is always room for improvement. And anyone with the skills to support this can find work in the EV sector.

Chemical Engineers

Still on the battery theme, Chemical Engineers are in demand to find ways to enhance the efficiency of EV recharge batteries. In terms of charge retention, charging duration, and overall battery lifespan. Supplementary to that, Chemical Engineers are also essential when finding ways to enhance the lithium and cobalt battery recycling process. With sustainability at the heart of the EV movement, finding ways to improve the recyclability of EV components is essential.

Vehicle Assemblers

Vehicle Assemblers have always been key to the automotive industry, so it’s no surprise to learn that they are also integral to the EV industry.  There are more than 400 EV manufacturers in the world right now, with more than 300 in China alone. And they all need skilled assemblers.

Regional Planners

With the growing number of EVs on the roads comes the demand for a better recharging infrastructure. And for that to happen, regional planners are required. The role of the Regional Planner is to ascertain where charging stations need to be installed to create a convenient network for drivers. This involves ensuring that there are no areas within their designated region without enough charging points for drivers to move from A to B without being stranded.


Once the Regional Planner has identified where new charging stations need to be installed, we’re finding an increasing need for Electricians to implement the plans. Different stations and structures have different electrical requirements. They also need power lines to be installed, with Electricians available for ongoing repairs and maintenance. Experienced and qualified Electricians are needed to support the creation of the growing infrastructure.

The EV industry has grown exponentially in recent years, but it has yet to reach its peak. This means significant potential for growth and jobs throughout the industry. As well as the roles specific to EV production, there will be a need for construction workers and labourers, site developers, and a range of ancillary support staff. The industry is thriving. And it could offer a whole new career for anyone with the skills and inclination.

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