Why Should Candidates Use A Recruitment Consultancy?

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What are the Benefits for candidates using a recruitment consultancy? If you’re c...

What are the Benefits for candidates using a recruitment consultancy?

 If you’re currently searching for a new role, or you just want to understand what’s out there for you, working with a recruitment consultancy is a no-brainer. Now, we understand that you think we’re biased, of course, we’re going to say that. This is why we did the research below to show just how much more effective it is for candidates to go through a recruitment consultancy.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Will Save You Time

 In 2023, the average job-seeker spent 6.5 hours per week looking for a new role. That’s on top of working in your current role, and everything else you do in your day-to-day life. Working with a recruitment consultancy gives you all of this time back.

 You’ll speak to one of our specialist consultants for 15-30 minutes about your current situation and career aspirations, and we take care of the rest. We bring you to the market, confidentially, to find you the perfect role with a company of your choosing. We’ll then organise interviews on your behalf, help you prep, and negotiate your salary with the client.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Gets You Into Your New Role Quicker

 Not only will job-seekers spend 6.5 hours per week looking for a new role, but on average, it takes them 122 days to secure a job offer. That’s roughly 4 months of your time spent going through the recruitment process.

 Working with MRL? in 2023, we got our candidates through the entire recruitment process in 28 days. From securing your first interview to accepting an offer with your new employer, 28 days. That’s 1/4 of the time it would take you to get through the recruitment process on your own.

 We can reduce the time it takes by so much because, well, recruitment is what we do. And we do it every week, day in, day out. It’s our full-time job.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Will Guarantee You Get Seen By Clients

 AI has taken over every single news channel over the past 12 months, so it’s no surprise that 98% of large companies use automated systems to review CV’s submitted through online job vacancies.

 As a result of these systems being put into place, only 1 in 4 applications reach a human. The rest? they get automatically rejected. Applying for roles online gives you a 1 in 4 chance of being taken out of the race before it even starts. At MRL, we don’t like machines to do the work for us.

 We speak directly to the hiring managers at the companies you want to work for about you, your profile, your capabilities and your ambitions. We can guarantee that when we put you forward for a role:

  •  You’re represented by a real person.
  • You’re seen by a real person.
  • Every single time.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Increases Your Chances of Getting an Interview

 In 2023, highly skilled vacancies received, on average, 55 applications each. Because of things like automated systems, only 2% of candidates who apply for a role are selected to attend a job interview. If you’re going this alone, those are pretty small odds, especially after spending 6.5 hours of your time every week searching.

 Working with us to find a new opportunity? your chances increase to 50%. In 2023, every other time we put a candidate forward for a role, they get at least a first-stage interview. That’s not to say that only half of the candidates we work with get a 1st stage interview. We’re able to approach multiple clients on your behalf, almost guaranteeing you a successful start to the interview process.


How is all this possible?

 Whilst we’ve touched on this already, we’ll be as direct as possible.

  •  Firstly, we’ve been helping professionals like you progress in their careers for 27 years. We’re experts at it.
  • Secondly, we know our industries inside out, and we’ve worked with some of our clients since the very beginning. We know what they like, what they don’t like, and exactly how to best represent you to give you the best chances at securing a new role.
  • Thirdly, and quite frankly, it’s how we make a living. We take our career and our livelihood as seriously as you do. Not only do we have skin in the game, but we care about you, and the clients we work with. We’d never put you forward for a role that isn’t right, or present a candidate to our client that isn’t a good fit. It’s not the ethical thing to do, and it doesn’t get any of us anywhere.

 What’s in your best interest is ultimately in ours too.


So, if you want to:

  •  Save yourself hours of time
  • Find a new role quicker
  • Increase your chances of getting an interview
  • And have a partner to help you through the entire recruitment process


Then get in touch with us today. We’ll pass you over to one of our specialist consultants, and work together with you to find you the best next step in your career.


Email us at info@mrlcg.com with a copy of your CV and we’ll be in touch