Why Should Companies Use a Recruitment Consultancy?

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What are the benefits for companies using a recruitment Consultancy? Whether you’re a p...

What are the benefits for companies using a recruitment Consultancy?


Whether you’re a professional looking to progress your career, or a company looking to hire the best talent on the market before your competitors do, using a recruitment consultancy (like ours) will give you the best chance of doing so.

We spent some time comparing how well companies and candidates perform across the entire recruitment process with our own stats, facts and averages to figure out exactly how much more effective we make the recruitment process for them.

Here’s what we found.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Saves You Time

 On average, highly skilled vacancies take 42 days to successfully fill, from the vacancy going live to the successful candidate accepting an offer. that’s 42 days of lost profit, output and progress for your company.


Over the past 12 months, our average time to fill vacancies has been 28 days. The vast majority of these are mid-senior level, technical positions across every vertical from sales to engineering. That’s 14 days quicker than the average time it takes companies to fill the same vacancy when going it alone.


This is possible because of a few things.

  • Firstly, we know our specialist industries inside-out, we’ve been recruiting in them for almost 27 years, so we know exactly where to look for talent, and exactly how to spot them.
  • Secondly, We search for candidates day in, day out. We work full-time on filling your vacancies, and reaching out to candidates proactively on your behalf (we’ll touch more on this later).
  • And thirdly, we support both our clients and candidates throughout the entire process, meaning you have a team of specialists constantly working on advancing the recruitment process.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy increases your Success Rate

 As an average for ‘highly skilled’ vacancies, only 2% of candidates who apply for roles are selected for a 1st stage interview, and each vacancy will receive 55 applications. The amount of time it takes for your internal TA team to filter through the 98% of candidates is valuable and could be better spent elsewhere.


For us at MRL? 50% of every candidate we’ve put forward for a role in the past 12 months has received a 1st stage interview and, on average, we present 10 qualified candidates per vacancy.


So, whilst you’ll be presented with a far smaller pool of candidates, the candidates you are presented with are guaranteed to be qualified. It’s quality over quantity at MRL, meaning your TA teams can spend more time speaking to the right candidates.


Using a Recruitment Consultancy Allows you to Attract a Wider Market

 Two-thirds of candidates surveyed last year said that, whilst they weren’t looking for a new role, they would consider a career move if approached for one. By not using a recruitment consultancy who are proactively seeking out candidates for you, companies are missing out on 2/3 of the potential market for every vacancy. This leads us nicely to our next point.


The Majority of Hiring Managers Prefer working with Recruitment Consultancies

 In 2023, 62% of Hiring Managers admitted that they found better candidates when using recruitment consultancies. This, in part, is due to the fact that recruitment consultancies target two-thirds of the market that aren’t actively searching for a role.


So, if you want to:


  • Save yourself time across the entire recruitment process
  • Only deal with qualified candidates
  • Access an extra two-thirds of the candidate market
  • Join the 62% of hiring managers that find better candidates
  • And beat your competitors to the best talent, getting ahead of the talent shortage


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